Visit to Vapiano (Italian Restaurant)

At Vapiano we had Fresh Campanelle with Pesto (£6.10), Fresh Parpadelle Pomodoro (£8.10), The guys had both Calzone (£8.10). Food Maniacs at the dinner:

Vapiano is great!, It has a very nice Food Hall were the mouth watering Pasta is super fresh (homemade) and the Vapiano Chefs actually cook your desired dish just in front of you.

They make use of the finest ingredients!, Fresh, simple and really cheap. As a group of food enthusiasts, We would say Vapiano worths every penny and a definite visit if you fancy irresistible Pasta or Pizza.

The Salad Bar is great too but we think the salad is a bit overpriced!,The Staffs are very friendly. as a goodwill gesture to loyal customers, Vapiano is now giving every customer a Loyalty Card. all you just need to do is to Have 9 Meals there and you will get the 10th Meal for FREE!!. Vapino = Fantastic Food, Fantastic Staff, Fantastic Ambiente!

Location:19-21 Great Portland St.
020 7268 0082


The Queen Of Sheba (Ethiopian Restaurant London)

Our second Food Maniacs Dinner was at “Queen of Sheba”, a family run Ethiopian Restaurant which has it’s own real charm. Going there myself for years I thought it was time for a Food Maniacs Dinner! This YUMMYLICIOUS restaurant is amazing! You won’t need knife and fork here, as you will eat with your HANDS:)

Well, we had: Sheba Salad (£4.50),” Tib’s We’t” (£10.50) which is one of my favourite beef stews… “Kik Alich’a We’t” (£7) which are very nice split yellow peas with tumeric, ginger and green chilli… “Gomen” (£7), this is spinach with onion, garlic, ginger and jalapeno… “Yebeg Alich’a We’t” (£9.50), simmered Lamb in a mild sauce of Butter, onion, garlic, ginger and tumeric… super delicious… Doro We’t (£9.50), Tender Chicken marinated in Lemon, Ginger, Garlic, Onion, Nutmeg, sautéed in ethiopian butter and red pepper sauce… Atkelt We’t (£7.00), mixed vegs… And of course LOTS of INGERA, a flat, pancake like soft bred made from sour dough… we paid the £55,00 for all Food and we all had ethiopian beer (£3,95)… Pretty good deal for 4 Students 🙂 Normally they charge 12.5% Service Charge but the Sevice is Amazing!


 The Queen of Sheba

12 Fortress Road

London, City of London, NW5 2EU

Red N Hot (chinese restaurant London)


At Red ‘N’ Hot we had: Crushed Cucumber in Garlic Sauce [£5.60], Dry Fried Green Beans [£7.80], Gong Bao Chicken with Peanuts [£8.00], Sliced Pork Sichuan Style Lavishly Topped with Chilli & Sichuan Pepper [£8.60],

Sliced Beef Boiled Sichuan Style [£8.80], Aubergine with Green & Red Peppers [£7.00] and Fried Chicken Pieces on the Bone in Sichuan Chilli Pepper Sauce [£8.60].

We paid a total of £54.00 for the food without rice and drinks. rice costs £2.00 per person and we had all tea I think. We paid under £90.00 and I guess for 7 hungry students, thats pretty OK? I think however, rice and tea should be for FREE and the Service could have been a little more polite… I would love to try Red N Hot in Manchester…

Location: 59 Charing Cross Road WC2H 0NE